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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the Indian Outlet of Santa Fe Packers and Movers. We are considered one of the most esteemed packaging and moving companies nationwide. Having been awarded multiple prestigious awards over several years, we have excelled in our services. We have a team of the most professional and hardworking individuals, and we serve our customers in the best efficient ways. Having been equipped with new-age technology and inventions, we work day and night to make your packaging and moving easier.

Our headquarters: C 69 Phase 3 Nnew Palam Vihar, Gurgaon, Haryana.

Other Outlets: Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Bhubaneshwar, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Hyderabad, and others.

Client services of the company

We respect the sentiments of our clients and serve them to the best of our abilities. We have a toll-free number and an official email id. We have made it easier for you to contact us in the most unproblematic manner, and we shall be at service at any time of the day. We at Santa Fe Packers and Movers have been successful there in the business for the past 5 years. And with this, we have come out with the most innovative ways to meet your expectations. Being a mainstream moving company, we have elevated the functioning of our company to provide the best moving services to our customers.

With this, we have a satisfied customer base of unlimeted happy clients. Get a solution for all of your moving and packaging services with us. With more outlets being launched in every other state, we have become more widespread these days.

Terms and Conditions of our company

There is a set of rules and policies in Santa Fe Packers and Movers that one has to oblige by. These rules put forth clarity towards the right and responsibilities of both the parties involved. This includes detailed information about the limits of the company’s liability. This also describes certain policies that can be availed by the customers, like customer goods and insurance policies.

Both parties must abide by these rules in a written agreement to successfully execute the packaging and moving.

Quote of the company:

The quote of the company consists of the following:

  • Each product’s mass and capacity will be charged a branded price.

  • The distance that will be covered in the moving.

  • The number of crew members that will be assigned to complete the work.

However, if you want to make a move easier, there are rules and regulations that you must file and get agreed in prior by the company. Unless and until a written format of the same is submitted to the company prior, the following points shall not be considered in the company quote: 

  • Dismantling or arranging any kind of furniture. 

  • Disconnecting or reconnecting all and any kinds of electrical appliances. This might include fittings and fixtures of equipment. 

  • Removal or fitting of any kind of solid or clothed floor covering. 

  • Moving and storing any kind of object that’s not included in the company clause. 

Apart from this, an additional charge will also be considered if the assets eligible for moving aren’t considered under the company’s quote. These, respectively, are: 

  • For that purpose, moving too heavy and grand equipment like weight lifting devices, grand pendulums, or pianos. 

  • Having to carry all the above-mentioned heavy goods and others where the elevator is unavailable. 

  • Suppose the entrance of the exit is inadequate in terms of space and height. This may include exit premises like doorways, staircases, and elevators. The successful relocation of the objects calls for a free moment of the same. And carrying this out without any structural alteration can sometimes be uncomfortable and unsuitable. 

  • The customer calls out to access their object while they are still under storage, in any case. 

These are the basic written rules by Santa Fe Packers and Movers if you want to hire them as your moving company. Apart from this, many responsibilities are on the customer’s part to be played. This includes the entire pre-schedule of the packaging and the moving. Which are: 

  • You must have a legal right to access all the goods being moved. This means that you are the free and sole property holder of all the goods and products you want to move and relocate. As an owner of the goods, you have the full legal authority to these objects whatsoever and under any condition. Suppose at any time during the moving and packaging procedure, and it comes to light that any other second person has a legal interest and right to the same. In that case, all the agreements with the company shall be terminated. 

  • According to this rule, the new owner shall be held and given a part in the agreement. 

  • The customer shall have written consent where they’ll agree to hold no harm to the company, authority, or professional members in such a case. 

  • The company shall also stand indemnified from damages, loss of goods, or cost liability, including the legal fees in such a case. 

  • Unless agreed on a prior basis, the company representatives shall under no circumstances store your goods in any case considered. Considering the hazardous effect they might have on the company or the company representatives, any objects shall not be held liable by the company. A list of such objects includes: 

  • Explosive or damaging items like aerosols, firearms, and gas bottles. This also includes paints and ammunition. 

  • Precious stones like pieces of jewelry, metals, trinkets, and watches, along with securities, portable media, and mobile telephones. This, again, includes expensive coins, computing devices, and stamps. 

  • Any kind of good might trigger the pest or vermin to cause infestation and contamination. 

  • Any perishable items that might require a controlled environment. 

The company shall inform you prior in writing about these and all other items that hold harm to the company and its respective council members. The company also shall not be held responsible if any of these terms and conditions are found to have been violated. The company and its respective members are in no way to be held liable for the damage, damage retention, and damage losses.