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Welcome to the Indian Outlet of Santa Fe Packers and Movers India!

With a team of highly qualified professionals, we are known to serve our customers to the best of our extents. With years of experience in the business, we have managed to carve our niche with quality and cost-significant fees. Contact us and book an appointment now if you want a trouble-free moving experience at cost-effective prices. We have been rated as having a huge base of the most trustworthy customers. 

The team of Santa Fe Packers and Movers India has successfully completed over Many projects, which is due to the team of professionally trained specialists. With us, we have over 150+ trained staff vigorously trained over a regular period. They are capable of handling emergencies. We are quite reasonable with our prices, and you can avail of the best quality-based services for the least unexpected amount of money. 

Hire us today and get your hands on the best moving services in the country. Some of our services include: 

  • Car and bike transportation. 

  • Courier and cargo services

  • Residential shifting

  • Insurance services

  • Transportation and logistics services

  • Loading and unloading of packages. 

One of the most premium services by Santa Fe Packers and Movers India includes our insurance facilities. Clients from all over the country have been accessing us, and we have a long history of providing the best consumer satisfaction. Some of our other outlets are Agra, Chandigarh, Dehradun, Mussoorie, and Ludhiana, along with Gandhinagar, Bengaluru, and Puducherry. People have been accessing us from all around the country due to our sincere and quality-based services. 

Disclaimer to the company

Our services, however, come with certain policies and disclaimers that the firm possesses. Upon hiring us, one has to abide by the same and obey them.

Our company, Santa Fe Packers and Movers India, stands in no way liable for the loss or the damage of any kind of goods involved in transportation and the moving procedure. Since our company is known to provide insurance policies, the customers are always recommended in advance to arrange for one. This assures the cost-coverage for all the damaged goods just in case. The insurance comes separately from the terms and conditions subjects, which will be provided to you before the agreement. 

The disclaimers to Santa Fe Packers and Movers India come in handy with a set of rules and regulations that include: 

  • No house plants shall be moved under any condition. 

  • No heavy objects, including heavy pianos, pendulums, and others that require a handling expert, shall be moved and removed by the company. 

  • The company also reserves strict rights to hold itself responsible for any items that cannot be moved safely and requires safety measures. 

  • Any object that needs to be disassembled or reassembled to be moved safely will not be considered to be moved by the company. 

  • The moving procedures shall not be initiated unless all the required objects are removed from their respective shelves, cupboards, and other handles like wine racks, chests of drawers, and entertainment centers and dresses. This includes pieces of furniture that can be dismantled or moved. 

  • Beds also come under this category. The company will not begin the moving procedure unless prior arrangements are made to dismantle the foot and headboards. 

The quote of the company also disclaimers the objectives before the move begin. This includes: 

  • Self-Packing: 

There have been cases of delays and other unforeseen circumstances. This is why it is always required for the client to take responsibility for their own items. This involves packing and crating the items just before the scheduled moving date. And this reflects an additional charge in the final billing of the fee. 

Apart from this, an additional hourly charge might also be taken considering the complete packaging of the customer’s goods. 

  • Parking and Reservations: 

Before the company’s arrival, all parking areas must be reserved to avoid congestion during the moving procedure. The loading areas and the arriving location of the company have to be allocated and booked prior. The company’s relocation vehicles are way too heavy for the customer’s drive away and can damage it. The company shall not entertain any cases such. The firm and the council members hereby hold no liability to compensate for the damaged good or the money. This is why it is advised for the customers to inform the firm at least 24 hours before the removal process. 

Post this; a set of rules holds firm after the moving process is executed. This includes a bunch of rules about payment and fee clearance. 

  • The final payment:

Unless and until there was any prior written agreement of yours with the company, with any compromises, you have to make the payment in full. The payment mediums might be cash or credit, or cleared funds. This is done at the end of the moving period, and the agreement shall only hold complete when the respective authorities acknowledge the same from the companies. 

  • The damage to goods

The disclaimer policy of the company also doesn’t allow the client to access their goods from the storage. This is because, in case of any subsequent damage to those goods, the firm shall not handle the financial burden. The company shall not stand liable for any damage or cost damage in such cases.


If damage is in sight, the company is eligible to hold a notice period of 7 days of delivery for damage control. The company may also hold its rights reserved to extend the time limit to a considerable number of days. The company shall reasonably consider any potential consent to damage cases by the customer; if required, it will also be withheld. 

  • The right to refusal

Any condition the company considers dangerous for its council members and other specialists shall be terminable. In any case, as required, the right to all of these rules might also be exercised and revised so that the company is not liable to you in case of further damage. The company’s discretions also include the customers charging a minimum of one hour of labor. 

Santa Fe Packers and Movers India